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Patient Stories

Please read Mr. Henley's testimonials below:


Thank you for your help over the last 18 months – you’ve fully restored
my confidence and this is something you should be proud of.

An Ode to Mr Henley

For all my life I've struggled to accept my double chin,
Which trebeled and quadrupled as I went through fat and thin
And has gradually descended 'til it joined up to my chest
And meant no matter how I tried I never looked my best.

At last, at nearly seventy, I thought: "I've left it late
But I'll spend my Mum's bequest and find a surgeon who's first rate
Who, digging deep- beneath the fat- a neck might excavate!"

I read of Mr Henley and his website it impressed --
Experienced and talented I knew he'd do his best,
So I plucked up all my courage and approached him heart in mouth:
"Is there a chance you'll find a neck-now that my chin's gone south?"
He was very reassuring and his eyes were kind and wise:
"Perhaps it would be good if you could first reduce your size",
And, (thanks to Zoe Harcombe) I lost twenty useless pounds
And got my operation date - my pleasure knew no bounds.

Now, I can wear necklaces - because I've got a neck
And I can button collars up around a normal neck.
Don't have to cover with a scarf or hide behind a hand
And to see a balanced face in mirrors - that feels really grand.
No need to exit quickly when the cameras are brough out
No need to lurk right at the back when "Say cheese!" is the shout.
Now I can proudly take my place in family snaps and see
My Husband, Daughter, Grandson smiling happily with me!

And so, dear Mr Henley, working miracles each day,
Accept my grateful thanks you've brought a whole new life my way,
You really are a sculptor, an Artiste of highest spec.
And I always will be grateful-- 'cos you've given me a neck!

Thank you!

Very Sincerely,
Judith Gosney


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