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Planning Your Surgery

It is important to think about having any form of cosmetic enhancement very carefully indeed. You must be totally honest with yourself (and your surgeon) about why you are considering surgery.

"Right reasons, right time, right place and right surgeon are key to a successful cosmetic outcome" says Mr Henley.

The decision to undergo surgery should not be taken lightly and if you do decide to go ahead, your treatment or surgery should be carefully planned.

As Mr Henley points out "cosmetic surgery is not like going for a hair cut – it won’t grow out if you don’t like it."

Use this section to guide you through your decision making process.

Are You Ready for Surgery?

Don’t have cosmetic surgery on a whim; it’s a big decision. Check out here if you are a suitable candidate. Read further

Talking to Your GP

It is advisable to speak to your GP if you are considering cosmetic surgery. S(he) will be able to provide you with advice and support. Read further

Choosing a Surgeon

A key decision you will have to make when considering cosmetic surgery is the selection of your surgeon. Read further

Danger Signs: When you should walk away and how to spot the signs

A good surgeon will rely on personal recommendations and will have no need to tout for business; avoid any 'special deals' Read further

Where to Have Surgery: Have the procedure or treatment in a safe place

Back rooms of hair and beauty salons are not the place to have any form of cosmetic procedure. Read further

Scars and Healing

Scars usually heal pretty quickly but you may not see the final result for up to a year. Read further

Coping with your emotions after surgery

Cosmetic surgery recovery usually includes some ups and downs; know what to expect emotionally as you recover. Read further

Training in cosmetic surgery

An opportunity exists to participate with the training of the plastic surgeons of the future.  Read further

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