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Cosmetic Surgery Training

Patients and Cosmetic Surgery Training

Training and continuing medical education are as important in cosmetic surgery as in other branches of surgery. However, there has been a reduction in the training available to surgeons in cosmetic surgery in the NHS over recent years.

As a result, consultant surgeons from several medical specialties, including plastic surgery, are looking at new ways of delivering hands-on supervised cosmetic surgery training within the private sector. 

Mr Henley is a National lead for training in Cosmetic surgery and was the Founding Chair of the JCST Training Interface Group in Reconstructive Cosmetic Surgery to provide high level surgical training on behalf of all the Royal Colleges of Surgeons in the British Isles and HEE (Health Education England).

He is working with the FSSA to promote best practice in surgery.

Locally he has developed a ‘hands-on’ training initiative with the support of the Postgraduate Dean, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust and BMI and Nuffield Hospital Groups. He is also leading the development of a national training fellowship scheme in reconstructive cosmetic surgery (Surgeons News).

Would you like to be involved?

An opportunity exists to offer people cosmetic surgery at a reduced fee if their surgery is performed by a senior surgeon in training.  Any training is overseen by Mr Henley throughout the entire process - Mr Henley will supervise the surgeon (who is already a highly experienced surgeon) at consultation, during the whole operation, the post-operative period and follow up appointments. These surgeons perform as much of the cosmetic surgery as Mr Henley is comfortable to permit. He takes over the operating as appropriate to ensure that the operation is undertaken to his normal standard. The total package fee for surgeon, anaesthetist and hospital is 30% less than normally charged when Mr Henley undertakes all of the surgery himself. You will in all other respects be treated as Mr Henley’s private patient.

Should you wish to register your interest in participating in the training scheme, please contact Barbara Kellogg, Mr Henley’s secretary on 0115 8773711.

Contact 0800 288 4777

Get in touch to discuss having Mr Henley as your Consultant Plastic Surgeon