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Danger Signs

When you should walk away - when to spot the danger signs?

Any consultation should be exactly that – a consultation. Be very wary of any individual who is trying to ‘sell’ you an operation. This would not be the sort of behaviour to expect from a reputable surgeon.

Successful cosmetic surgery begins with a thorough assessment of your health, in addition to why you would like an operation and what you would like to achieve. Beware if a doctor is willing to perform surgery without checking out your general health first.

Be wary of any establishment that appears in a rush to book you in for surgery, particularly if you are offered special pricing to commit to surgery straight away. “Two for one” offers are usually too good to be true and they usually are!

Make sure you read the small print before signing anything. You may find that some companies insist on a non-refundable deposit for your surgery. You may incur hefty financial penalties for cancelling your surgery should you change your mind. Do make sure you check out the financial implications of cancellation before signing.

“I strongly believe that non-refundable deposits have no place in patient centred care other than the occasional need to order in special supplies or equipment for a patient that the hospital would not normally use”

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