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Nose Reshaping

Rhinoplasty is a term used to improve the appearance of the nose. The aim of surgery is to make your nose look more natural and ensure that it is in true harmony with the rest of your face. In certain instances, rhinoplasty can also improve airflow through the nose, making it easier for you to breathe. Even a small adjustment can make a big improvement in appearance – and give a boost to your self image and confidence too.

Before your consultation, have a good look at your nose and decide which parts of it you do like and which parts you don’t. At your consultation Mr Henley will take photographs of your nose and discuss these in detail with you so that your concerns can be clearly identified.

How long does it take to do the procedure?

The procedure is usually performed under a general anaesthetic and takes between one to two hours to perform. Most people can go home the same day but if in any doubt an overnight stay is recommended.


How will I feel after my surgery?

Operations on the nose are not particularly painful which surprises most people. At the end of the procedure, a splint is put on the outside of the nose which is left in place for about a week. This is to hold the bones in their new position whilst the immediate swelling settles. Packs may also be placed in your nostrils for a few hours. When it comes to stitches, dissolving ones are usually used for the lining of the nose but any outside skin stitches will require removal at one week.

Expect to be swollen, bruised around the eyes and cheek region and feeling “bunged up” for the first few days to two weeks”. Slight headaches are not uncommon either.  Your nose will feel numb for between six weeks and six months as the swelling in the skin slowly goes down.


What are the risks of surgery?

Small nose bleeds are very common following this operation and whilst major bleeding can occur this is very rare. You should avoid blowing your nose for the first week to minimise this risk.  Other risks include bleeding, wound infection, chest infection and blood clots in the leg (known as a deep vein thrombosis) although these are uncommon.

Very rarely, bones may dislodge or the cartilage and other tissues may alter their shape so unpredictable results are a possibility.  A second operation (a revision operation) may be required to refine your results.


When will I be able to get back to my usual schedule?

You should be back to your normal routine within a week and be socially presentable within two to three weeks. There is a risk of bleeding for two or three weeks following the operation so you will need to be reasonable in your activities. No strenuous activities, heavy lifting or aerobic exercises should be planned for the first three weeks and contact sports should be avoided for at least six weeks.


How soon will I be able to see the results of my new nose?

The general shape of your new nose can be seen when the dressings are removed and you will be sporting your new look in about four weeks. Most of the swelling will have settled by six to nine months following the surgery but subtle changes will continue and the final result may not be achieved until 2 years following surgery.


How long do the results last?

The results of your surgery are generally permanent and your nose will continue to age naturally with the rest of your facial features.


Nose reshaping before and after surgery

Before Surgery

This patient came to see Mr Henley as she was unhappy with the shape of her nose in side profile.

One week after surgery

Already, you can notice that the overall shape of the nose has changed. The hump on the nose is reduced. What is also noticeable is the bruising around the tip of the nose and the eyes which always happens following this operation.

Seven weeks after surgery

The bruising has disappeared. The shape of the nose will continue to refine over the next 12 months.

Mr Henley would like to thank this patient for allowing her photographs to be displayed for the benefit of others who may be considering cosmetic surgery.

The information provided is intended to give a brief outline of the procedure. It is not a substitute for a personal consultation with a surgeon.


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