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Are You Ready For Surgery?

It is vital that you are seeking cosmetic enhancement for the right reasons. What do you really expect the treatment or operation to do for you? Be completely honest with yourself - It is you that has to live with the consequences of surgery. Check out if you are a suitable candidate by answering the following questions:-

  • Are you being realistic about what you want to achieve? 
    Try to be clear about this before booking any consultation. Cosmetic surgery can improve your appearance and give you a more positive self-image. What it can’t do is make you look thirty years younger, save a marriage, or help you to find the perfect partner or job.
  • Are you or someone close to you going through difficult times at the moment?
    If you are, you should very seriously consider postponing surgery until things have settled down. Patients who opt for surgery when they are feeling stressed or pressured with other commitments may experience a longer and more difficult post-operative recovery.
  • Are you having surgery because you want to?
    If you are being pushed into surgery by someone else, you should resist. You are the one that has to live with the result of the procedure. The decision should be yours and yours alone.  
  • Are you making an impulsive decision?
    With any surgery there are risks. Do you know the risks of the procedure and are you willing to take those risks?  Even in the best hands, things occasionally go wrong. No result can be guaranteed.  
  • Can you afford all the costs of surgery?
    This involves not only the fees for the operation, but any time off from work you may need to take as a consequence. There are also the emotional costs of both successful and complicated results from surgery.

Not everyone is suitable for cosmetic surgery and ethical surgeons will either decline to treat, or at least recommend that a person has psychological counselling first. This is to ensure that a desire to change appearance is not part of an existing emotional problem that no amount of surgery can correct.


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